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The level detector set up in a fix point of the container allows the exact monitoring of the product through an electrical signal of the type N.C. (Normally Closed) or N.O. (Normally Open).

It is much spread in the zootechnical industry, the plastic industry, the cement industry, the wood industry and the pottery, because of the direct monitoring of any solid material inside the tank, also for the materials under dust or granules.

It allows a perfect container filling, reduced overall dimensions, extremely simple assembly and disassembly, no calibration, maintenance set at zero, open air working assured by the tin state container.

The AUTEL’s dust detector mod. RP01 allows to measures the presence of dust particles suspended into the exhaust gas.

In this way is assured the continuous monitoring of the duct that has to be controlled. With this dust detector, you can also check the deterioration of filtrating surface, timely signaling their maintenance and identifying exactly where is the trouble.

The principle of operation is not based on the usual optical system (that needs a permanent maintenance), but on tribo electric’s effect.

That effect doesn’t need maintenance utilizing the principle of static energy generation caused by the rubbing of the particles suspended on the steel surface of the dust detector.

RP01 detects the presence of dust particles suspended in the gas, converting that physical phenomenon in electronic signal proportional to the quantity of dust.

The combination of dust detector RP01 with DM2 allows to setup on a keyboard, 3 alarm thresholds, the scale calibration in mg/m3 and the management of the output of signal 4-20mA proportional to the dust noticed.

If the alarm is caused by a breaking hose, it could be located if RP01 is connected to ECOMATIC devices enabled for this purpose.