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zinc cut wire
Zinc Cut Wire is produced by cutting zinc wire into pellets, the length equal to the diameter of the wire. Zinc Cut Wire is used mainly for sand removal, deburring and deflashing of non ferrous components.

Zinc Cut Wire is also available in a conditioned form which is used as a longer lasting alternative to cast zinc shot.

Deburring and deflashing of aluminium and zinc castings and die castings. Removal of sand from sand castings.

Removal of parting lines and stains from non ferrous castings. Removal of water wrinkle from aluminium die castings and providing a luster satin type finish.

Zinc Cut Wire provides temporary corrosion protection to ferrous parts blasted with it. A very thin layer, up to 1.3µm thick is deposited onto the surface of the part.

Size Details
Shot No.SSCW 0.6SSCW 0.7SSCW 0.8SSCW 1.0SSCW 1.5SSCW 2.0SSCW 2.5
Size in mm 0.6 0.7 0.8 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5
Zinc as cut 0 0
Zinc conditioned
Size Details
 Specific GravityBulk DensityColourShapeHardness HV
Zinc as cut 7.1 g/cm³ ≈ 4200 kg/m³ Grey Cylindrical 35 - 55
Zinc conditioned 7.1 g/cm³ ≈ 4200 kg/m³ Grey Round 45 - 60
Typical Chemical Composition %
0.004 99.99 0.003 0.002 0.001

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