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zinc shot
Zinc Shot is a soft cast abrasive manufactured from pure zinc. Zinc Shot is used for deburring, cleaning, descaling and finishing. Its primary use is for processing die castings manufactured from zinc, aluminium, magnesium and other soft alloys.

Zinc Shot will not cause damage to the surface of soft alloy castings and will not cause excessive wear and tear on blasting equipment. Due to the low explosion sensitivity of Zinc Shot, it is a safer abrasive for processing aluminium parts.

Deburring, deflashing, cleaning and surface finishing of non ferrous alloy die castings. Plain white finishing colour of processed parts.

of cleaning times and abrasive consumption due to high specific gravity when compared to aluminium shot. Removal of burrs 40% of shot size.

Zinc shot provides temporary corrosion protection to castings parts blasted with it. A very thin layer, up to 1.3µm thick is deposited onto the surface of the part.

Size Details
Shot No.AZ-4AZ-6AZ-8AZ-10AZ-12AZ-15
Size in µm 300 - 710 355 - 850 500 - 1000 600 - 1180 710 - 1400 1000 - 1700
Physical Properties
HardnessSpecific GravityBulk DensityShapeColour
40 - 50 HV 7.1 g/cm³ ≈ 4200kg/m³ Spherical Grey / Silver
Typical Chemical Composition
≈ 99.95%

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