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Reduce your blasting costs.
Any idea how much it costs you to blast 1m2 (10ft2) of steel? Don't know? Sorry we also cannot tell you exactly, as we have no idea where you are. But here are some figures we will use to illustrate our point:

Country M2 Cost USD
USA $5.65
Australia $13.3
UK $8.00
Indonesia $3.00
China $3.15
Germany $14.50


The above are based on the costs for abrasive, manpower, electricity and compressed air. Calculation is based on a 20 x 6m (70' x 20') TruGrit full floor recovery blastroom.

As every m2 (ft2) blasted is $$$'s earned, we figured it is kind of important that the cost be kept as low as possible. And that is what you will get with the TruGrit full floor recovery blastroom. Which is why the above costing is cheaper than you might have thought.

Whether you are a steel fabricator or a painting contractor, you need the m2/ft2 blasting cost to be as low as possible. And key to keeping your costs down is productivity. High productivity makes money. Low productivity costs money. Critical to achieving high productivity is having a reliable blastroom. Inefficient and unreliable equipment thwarts productivity costing you both time and money.

We were once a blasting contractor. We have combined our years of hands on experience with our equipment design background, to develop the TruGrit blastroom. This blastroom has been developed specifically to provide more up time blasting products, and less down time on repairs and maintenance.

As we all know abrasive blasting is a harsh process. This is especially true when blasting steel products with steel grit. The steel grit is very unforgiving and will quickly wear out blastroom components. To alleviate this the TruGrit blastroom is fitted with the TruGlide abrasive recovery floor.

The floor is simple in operation and contains minimal moving parts. From bitter experience we have learned moving parts such as bearings and air cylinders, inside the blastroom, do not mix well with abrasives. The TruGlide floor is made from modular sections that bolt together inside a 380mm deep foundation. It is quick and easy to install. Even in big blastrooms, the floor can be completely installed in a few short days.

During blasting a 10mm thick protective layer of abrasive forms in the bottom of the floor channels. This layer of abrasive creates a wear resistant barrier, to protect the recovery floor from wear.

Each floor channel is fitted with a lightweight rack assembly containing a hardened steel blade. The rack assembly repeatedly travels up and down the entire length blastroom, to automatically and continuously, recover the recently blasted abrasive. All the racks are driven by a single 5.5kw motor. Once recovered the abrasive is cleaned of dust and debris and then stored above the blast pots ready for reuse.

The racks are exposed to flying abrasive for only a brief few seconds on every stroke. This setup, combined with the protective layer of abrasive in the floor channel, virtually eliminates wear and tear. Less wear and tear equates to more reliability. More reliability enables the floor to operate continuously day after day, week after week. A few simple checks and adjustments, once monthly, are all that is required to keep the floor operating.

The design of the TruGrit blastroom follows our KIS guidelines:

  • Simple price - requiring minimal materials to make keeps the costs down. Lower material costs means we can sell to you cheaper. Our scope of supply also includes steel floor pans and grating so you won't have any unpleasant hidden cost surprises having to supply these items yourself.
  • Simple installation - the TruGlide Abrasive Recovery Floor is a modular bolt together design. You supply a simple concrete foundation, to our design, and we will drop in the floor and bolt it together. The recovery floor is quick and easy to install. Within a very short period you will be up and running and blasting in production.
  • Simple operation - the simple minimal moving parts design ensures the TruGlide Abrasive Recovery Floor keeps on running. Press the start button and start blasting and the recovery floor will take care of returning and cleaning the abrasive ready for reuse.
  • Simple maintenance - no moving parts inside the blast room ensures minimal maintenance is required. Half a day once a month, with a few hand tools, to check and adjust is all that is required.

Reduce your dust pollution.
When blasting, the visibility in the room is important. Poorly designed and or maintained ventilation dust collectors are not up to the job. Very quickly the room becomes foggy. Once full of dust, it is difficult to see, and dust sticking to parts is an issue best avoided. Most painting specs call out a maximum permissible dust level on the surface, before painting is allowed. It is very difficult to get the surface clean after blasting if there is excessive dust in the room. Blowing off the dust just moves it from one place to another.

Better, is to have the dust sucked out of the room as soon as it is created. TDF ventilation dust collectors will achieve this.
TDF ventilation dust collectors are not the same as conventional dust collectors. The filter cartridges are inverted and stand up instead of hang inside the dust collector. Dirty air entry to the dust collector is through the roof and the air travels in a downwards direction. As the filter cartridges are pulsed clean, the dust falls downwards in the same direction as the ventilation air.

This same direction movement of air and pulsed off dust ensures the cartridge filters pulse clean every time. Unblocked, clean filters do not restrict airflow. Unrestricted airflow through the filters results in much higher ventilation airflow in the room, and consequently less dust on the work piece.

Reduce your noise pollution.
Blasting is a noisy business. But there is no need to also make it noisy for every one else. DuraDoors are made from a 6mm thick rubber compound. Unlike steel doors, this rubber absorbs most of the noise and greatly reduces noise pollution to other areas of your factory.

Fitted to the end of a blastroom DuraDoors will also save a lot of space usually occupied by swing doors. Most TruGrit blastrooms we supply are fitted with a DuraDoor. Simple operation, long lasting and space saving. Suprisingly the cost of a DuraDoor is almost compatible with equivalent fabricated steel swing doors.