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The Blastrac 6-55DC is the premier dust collector for the commercial contractor engaged in large area surface preparation work. Heavy-duty and compact, this deluxe six-cartridge auto pulse vacuum is the preferred dust collector for the professional who requires continuous operation and high performance. The sizable dust bin features large castors and extended handles to aid in debris transport and removal away from the work area. The optional screw conveyor and bagging system and the optional HEPA filtration are the ideal additions for hazardous material handling. This is the ultimate in industrial dust collection systems for use with large shot blasters, scarifiers or shavers, and large grinding machines.

For those large surface preparation jobs, including shot blasting, scarifying, and grinding, this premium dust collecting machine goes the distance. Easy mobility and debris handling ensures minimal down time and increased productivity for the professional contractor.


Static Pressure: Maximum 21 inH2O
Air Flow: 1,000 cfm maximum
Dust Bin Capacity: 250 lbs (113kg)
Amperage: 11A
Voltage: 230/460V, 3ø, 60 Hz
Power Cord: 75 ft. (23m)
Hose Connection: 5 or 6 in. (127/152mm)
Dimensions: L 68 in. (1727mm) x W 32 in. (813mm) x H 53 in. (1346mm)
Weight: 1,433 lb. (650kg)


  • Compact and insulated unit features reduced noise levels
  • Six cartridge system auto- pulses filters every 15 seconds
  • Work without performance loss and additional down time
  • Available electrical outlet on the dust collector can power other equipment
  • Side-removal dust cartridges aid in the clean disposal of used dust
  • Optional screw conveyor dust bin and bagging system
  • Optional HEPA filtration unit for hazardous material handling

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Blastrac shot blasting is a cost effective and environmentally friendly method for preparing concrete, steel, and asphaltsurfaces. This labor and time saving process strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously.

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Dust Collectors
Blastrac Dust Collectors reduce airborne dust and particulate to provide a cleaner work environment, make surface preparation atmospheres more pleasant, and improve safety.

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