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Blastrac® Dust Collectors are designed specifically for the rigors of working with concrete, masonry and tile mortar, and asphalt materials to reduce the amount of debris and dust generated on surface preparation job sites. This reduction creates environmentally friendly work conditions, helps diminish operator fatigue, minimizes health issues, and allows work on simultaneous projects.

The 6-54DCG1, a six cartridge, auto-pulse industrial vacuum, is preferred by professional contractors requiring continuous operation and high performance. It is designed to maintain productivity with a powerful motor for increased air flow, heavy-duty filters, and components that are protected from dust and debris for longer life.

An auto-pulse cleaning system helps prolong filter life, as the 6-54DCG1 delivers a maximum airflow of 900 cfm and static pressure of 21 inches. The latch-lock, high-capacity dust bin features casters and a “T” handle for ease of transport and debris disposal. An auxiliary air hose is included for operator use and an available electric outlet reduces extension cords.

The 6-54DCG1 can also be shipped or field fitted with an in-line HEPA filtration assembly for high efficiency secondary filtration. This insures commitment to new OSHA standards for HEPA filtration that will soon become mandatory on many jobsites.


Static Pressure: Maximum 21 inH2O
Air Flow: 900 cfm maximum
Dust Bin Capacity: 170 lbs (77kg)
Amperage: 21.3/11.1A
Voltage: 230V/460V, 3ø, 60HZ
Power Cord: 50 ft. (15.24m)
Hose Connection: 5 in. (127mm)
Dimensions: L 52 in. (1321mm) x W 33 in. (838mm) x H 63 in. (1600mm)
Weight: 850 lb. (386kg)



  • Six cartridge filter system provides comfortable, dust-free working
  • Auto-pulse cleaning prolongs filter life
  • Voltage-sensing dual, three-phase power panel for dependable use
  • Available electric outlet for equipment cord reduction
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Large capacity dust bin maneuvers easily for disposal
  • System matched for use with shot blasters, large grinders and more

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Blastrac shot blasting is a cost effective and environmentally friendly method for preparing concrete, steel, and asphaltsurfaces. This labor and time saving process strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously.

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Dust Collectors
Blastrac Dust Collectors reduce airborne dust and particulate to provide a cleaner work environment, make surface preparation atmospheres more pleasant, and improve safety.

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