bctilghman"The author, for thirty years, has concerned himself in a process that had an indifferent beginning, a somewhat unfortunate history, and yet a process of singularly technical brilliance - in some directions not sufficiently appreciated. This is a process that can produce work of inimitable artistry and of great delicacy, a process

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"This will ruin us for sure!" exclaimed the GM of one of our good customers, after finding themselves in a bit of a pickle. They had been awarded a huge contract by a multi national oil company for the erection of steel oil storage tanks. Prior to the erection of these tanks the internal bottom has to be pre-blasted and painted.

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TITAN PowrCoat

What would you call an airless spray painting pump designed in Germany and built in the USA?

If there were a single word for it, it might be "genauzah". Actually that is not a real word, but a combination of 2 German words that mean precise and tough.

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 We recently faced an interesting problem from one of our shipyard customers. They came to us wanting to buy the latest and greatest technology in abrasive metering valves, thinking that would solve their problems. Their big problem was very slow production rates.

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dust collector explosion-1This is a subject that does not, although it should, get much attention,dust explosions. In any industry where there are large amounts of dust present, either in the air or in the machinery being used, there is a potential for an explosion.

Surprisingly even the most innocuous of dusts can become combustible and explosive when in high enough concentrations in the surrounding air under the right (or wrong) conditions. Even dust produced from solid materials, which in solid form do not burn, such as iron, steel and aluminum can become explosive in a dust form. Who would imagine sugar or flour mills are particularly susceptible and highly volatile environments for dust explosions.

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steel-grit-blogWhen using recyclable abrasives it is natural to think that the bigger the abrasive is when it is new the longer it will last as it is recycled and breaks down. This is a true assumption but it comes at a cost, and the cost is productivity. Productivity is expensive and is the worst cost to increase. Remember when you are operating a blasting facility, aside from quality, the most important thing is productivity. You need to achieve the maximum productivity possible out of your facility in order to reduce the per square meter cost. All your fixed costs are already paid for, factory rental, labour, overheads, etc. Whether you produce 1 or 50 square meters per hour of blasted parts these costs are the same and already paid for. Of course variable costs for electricity and abrasive consumption will increase with increased productivity, but the increase in these variable costs is a faction of what is returned by means of higher productivity. So the most important thing is to max out the on the productivity front.

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tdf dust collector blast room

Once, when we were a blasting and painting contractor, we faced many many problems with dust from our blastroom and wheel blast machines. Our neighbours continually complained about us and reported us to the environmental authorities. We faced numerous quality issues with dust sticking to the surfaces of freshly painted parts, resulting in lots of qc rejections.

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