"This will ruin us for sure!" exclaimed the GM of one of our good customers, after finding themselves in a bit of a pickle. They had been awarded a huge contract by a multi national oil company for the erection of steel oil storage tanks. Prior to the erection of these tanks the internal bottom has to be pre-blasted and painted.

 The problem was the contractor they had engaged to pre-blast the plates had gone bust, belly up, kaput. With a very tight deadline to meet, and facing company bankrupting late delivery charges, they were in the stew, to put it politely.

All other local painting contractors were already fully booked and couldn't meet their schedule. No time to buy and install a plate blaster to meet the deadline.

The only place they could have gotten the blaster in such a short time was out of China. But that option was out. They knew it would only solve their problem for the first week, until the machine packed up. Then they would be back to square one, no production.

Open blasting was also considered and soon rejected. Too much pollution, too much noise, but worse.. far too slow. Still they would not be able to meet their targets.

We proposed another option. This would meet their deadline, produce no pollution and cost a fraction of the abrasive, clean up and disposal expenses incurred with open blasting.

The answer was to blast the plates with a Blastrac Portable Enclosed Blaster. The area where the tanks were to be erected had plenty of space. So the plates were laid out side by side, 6 big plates at a time. Starting in one corner the Blastrac was pointed to the other end of the plates. One operator walks behind the self propelled Blastrac and tweaks the steering and speed to keep it moving in a straight line, and to produce the correct surface cleanliness. Once he reaches the other end of the plate, the machine is turned around and starts off again in the opposite direction. The process is much like mowing a lawn, but without the aroma of freshly cut grass.

So now, with one machine, they are blasting over 60 square meters per hour. Power and abrasive consumption is 35kw and 25kg per hour respectively. Where-ever you are located you can plug in your electric and abrasive (steel shot) costs. Add in one operator and one helper and there you have your per square meter blasting cost. I think you will find it is surprisingly low.

To easily meet their production target they purchased a second machine. Now they had 2 set ups. Whilst one is blasting the other is painting and visa versa. The rest, as the say, is history. With both machines running they not only met their production schedule but managed to complete well ahead of time. And in the process bagged themselves an early completion bonus.

The above description is just a small sample of what can be done with a Blastrac Portable Enclosed Blaster. There are many other uses for it. Offshore platforms, helipads, ship decks/sides/internals, and steel pipes are some of the other applications that can be blasted quickly, dust free and with minimal abrasive.

If you have some interest to see other applications take a look at our web page:

If you have any requirement for the equipment please feel free to contact me. We are the agent for Blastrac in South East Asia. We will be more than happy to assist you with your inquiry.

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