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Fe2O3. If you are not sure what that means you are not alone. Most people don't know. Actually it is the chemical symbol for iron oxide, better known as rust.

Some people hate rust. But we have a passion for it. Maybe you do too. We love it because removing it and preventing it is the heart of our business.

Just about anything made of steel will rust. Even new steel, treated and painted to protect it from rust, is not immune. Eventually the rust returns.

Our business is to supply you the most appropriate blasting and painting equipment to prepare and protect the steel. We only supply reliable, quality equipment - all from reputable manufacturers.

We manufacture our own range of TruGrit blastrooms with the ultra-efficient TruGlide abrasive recovery floor. This blastroom is built specifically for steel fabricators. Steel preparation at the lowest possible square meter cost.

If you need high through-put pre-fabrication blasting, Pangborn SES airless turbine blast equipment is both reliable and productive. With 110 years’ experience in building this type of blasting equipment all Pangborn SES blasters have this heritage built in.

On site, off shore, project blasting? Want no dust? Blastrac Portable Enclosed Blasters blast and recover simultaneously, and do so at very high production rates. Blastrac equipment can be used for a multitude of applications. With a little ingenuity, and our practical know how, you can use a Blastrac to save a fortune in abrasive and waste disposal.

Nothing is more important than your operator’s safety. That is why we carry the RPB range of helmets and respiratory equipment. No short cuts and cost cutting with this manufacturer. Only top quality, tested and certified, safety equipment to keep your operators comfortable and safe.

When it comes to applying the paint the TITAN PowrCoat range of airless sprayers are the new kids on the block. TITAN is owned by Wagner. That German engineering know how has been put to good use to develop an airless spray pump designed and built for hard wearing industrial applications.

With decades of practical experience, and representing the world’s top equipment brands, we are able to advise and support you for all your abrasive blasting and painting needs. We welcome your inquiry and look forward to working with you.

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