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“I was doing blasting using garnet when all of a sudden stopped by DOE (Department of Environment) officer. Reasons given, media used polluting the sea. Please advise.”

This email from one of our customers is one of the inspirations for the Porta-Blast, a plug and play, all in one, temporary blast and paint facility. Instead of creating a huge mess, or transporting your parts around, you can now set up a blasting and painting facility wherever you need it.

  • No more abrasive dust cloud.
  • No more paint overspray.
  • No more tonnes of wasted grit to dispose of.
  • No more environmental officers to apease.
  • No more irate neighbours.
  • And no more damaged coatings during transport.

Erection of the complete facility is simple and quick. All parts are made light weight to allow installers to hand carry and erect. A crew of four can erect the complete facility within one day. Once the enclosure is erected you can connect power and compressed air and start to use.

As the blasting is conducted within the Porta-Blast enclosure, all the abrasive is captured and fully recycled, drastically reducing the amount of waste generated.

Whatever your on site blasting and painting requirement is, there is a Porta-Blast system to reduce pollution and save you money.