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Have you ever tried blasting?
If you have ever blasted you will already be familiar with the following. If you have never blasted this is what you would have to look forward to once you don a blasting helmet.

Noise - the compressed air exiting the nozzle does so at supersonic speed. This generates an extremely loud noise that can be in excess of 120dba. This is much like an aircraft jet engine, except your face is only inches away from it.

Dust - as you blast the rust, removed coating and abrasive are pulverized into microscopic particles that creates a very thick dust cloud. It looks like a desert dust storm. In extreme cases it in impossible to see the blaster as he is enveloped by the dust storm. This dust is not safe to breath and will have long term health effects if inhaled over a period of time.

Heat - abrasive blasting is hot strenuous work. Much like holding onto a 3" fire hose, it takes a lot of effort to tame the blast hose. In hot climates you will work up a sweat in mere minutes.

Poor visibility - with all the dust flying around, and the helmet window quickly frosting up, it soon becomes very difficult to see much past the end of your nose. Just to see the surface being blasted requires a lot of concentration and causes eye strain.

As if all those pleasures are not enough, you can also have to contend with being surrounded by millions of tiny agressive abrasive particles, all flying around at 400 mph.

Unfortunately this is the "nature of the beast" of abrasive blasting and there is not much that can be done about the surroundings. But that does not mean we cannot do anything to protect the operator, and make it as comfortable and safe as possible, for him to work in this environment.

World's best blasting helmets.
This is when you need RPB Respiratory operator safety equipment. The NOVA3 and NOVA2000 are the benchmark by which all other helmets are judged.

Most blasting helmets are fitted with a simple harness headstrap. The NOVA helmets are internally lined with a noise absorbing foam. This snug fitting padded lining fits the wearers head much like a motor cycle helmet. Unlike helmets fitted with a simple head strap, when the operator moves, or turns his head, the helmet moves with him. No more wasting time stopping blasting to realign and refit his helmet back on. The foam also acts as a noise blocker to soak up the noise from the nozzle. Helmets fitted with a head strap tend to act like a suspended bell and amplify the nozzle noise level.

F1 tear off lens system.
Following the same design as Formula 1 racing drivers' helmets, NOVA's are fitted with a tear off lens system. This allows 6 disposable lenses to be pre loaded into the window frame. Once the lens becomes frosted, from rebounding abrasive, it is simply torn off and discarded to reveal a fresh lens below it. This system stops the need for the blaster to stop blasting to change lenses, which is a real time waster. Of course below all the disposable lenses is the 1mm thick protective polycarbonate lens that isolates the blaster from flying abrasive particles.

Once a blaster has tried on a NOVA helmet it is hard to convince them to wear anything else.

Breath of fresh air.
Blasting generates huge volumes of dust. This dust cannot be inhaled. It often contains toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Long term exposure to blasting dust is dangerous at best, lethal at worst. To prevent blasters breathing this toxic dust the NOVA blasting helmet is pressure fed with compressed air. Before entering the helmet the air must be cleaned and be free of particulate and odours. The RADEX airline filter system provides more capacity, filtration and versatility. Combined with the range of optional equipment the RADEX can be configured to meet various breathing air specifications such as; Grade D, AS1715, EN12021, ISO8573.1 Class 1,2,3 etc.

Deadly CO gas.
One of the most deadly dangers faced by blasters is carbon monoxide poisoning. This invisible, odourless gas is lethal even in the smallest of quantities. As little as 10 parts per million is enough to be fatal. Blasters' life and health is totally dependent on the breathing air supply to their helmet. If this is contaminated with carbon monoxide there is very little time to react and avoid poisoning. The air supply must be stopped immediately.

The RADEX carbon monoxide alarm meets NIOSH requirements to continuously monitor the blasters air supply. A small sample of the breathing air is tapped off and passed through the monitor. The super sensitive sensor will trigger a visual or audible alarm at the smallest whiff of carbon monoxide.

The whole unit is designed for plug and play installation. Simple step-by-step calibration is fail safe. Real time monitoring and advanced traceability allow alarm, cabon monoxide levels and temperature data to be stored in the onboard memory for up to 2 years.

Blasters aircon.
With the NOVA and RADEX combination you can be assured the blaster is safe. Now you can also make their life more comfortable.

Wearing a helmet and blasting is hard work. Often the air supply from the compressor is also hot. The RPB Cool Air Tube is a simple, no moving parts, device to cool the incoming air supply. Fit this just before the air entry to the blast helmet and it is like having a personal air conditioner. Wearing the blast helmet becomes the coolest place to work, literally. Now instead of finding every reason under the sun not to wear a helmet and blast, the blasters will be fighting to get into the helmet.

Keeping blasters comfortable and safe.
A comfortable and safe blaster is a productive blaster. And there is no better range of equipment to keep the blaster safe and comfortable than RPB Respiratory.


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