Plastic Media Blasting

Plastic Media Blasting is utilised for a variety of purposes e.g. coating removal, deflashing, alloy component deburring and fiberglass or wood blasting. As the name suggests Plastic Media Blasting is conducted with plastic granules, available in a variety of hardnesses to suit differing requirements.

Due to their softness, and the special blasting parameters utilised, plastic media blasting is a very delicate, non agressive, form of blasting. It will remove coatings down to the base material without causing any damage to the part, no etching and no warping. The resulting bare surface is as it was when it was new.

When used for deflashing and deburring, plastic media blasting is able to fully remove flash or burrs and leave the substrate completely undamaged. This is particularly effective in deburring precision machined components.

Blast and Peen Services Pte Ltd provides manual Plastic Media Blasting stripping services for one off items, through to fully automated high production deburring and deflashing services. All plastic media blasting is performed in equipment specifically designed for use with plastic media.