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The costs incurred in setting up and maintaining a blast cleaning or shot peening facility has led many manufacturers to search for a more cost effective alternative.

Blast and Peen Services Pte Ltd offers a broad range of abrasive blasting and shot peening services to manufacturers wishing to outsource their requirements, thus enabling them to devote more time and resources to their core business activities.

Fast Turnaround

Our service uses the modern high production blasting, peening and painting equipment. This allows for fast turnaround times to suit your requirements.   



Due to a high degree of automation and equipment flexibility, we are able to sustain lower operating costs. These cost reductions are passed onto our clients.

Your Satisfaction

Blast and Peen Services Pte Ltd is committed to providing services that will meet or exceed clients’ expectations of quality, price competiveness and timely delivery.


Using the latest equipment and technologies we provide a variety of blasting, coating stripping and shot peening services. 

Here is an example of our Plastic Media Blasting process that utilizes tiny pellets of crushed plastic as the blasting media to efficiently strip off powder coating, without any damage or etching to the underlying surface.

The process of Plastic Media Blasting can be used for many delicate paint and coating removal applications.



Blast and Peen Services Pte Ltd is a Singapore based abrasive blasting and shot peening service provider. All personnel have many years of practical experience and technical expertise in the design, development and application of abrasive blasting and shot peening. Blasting and peening services are provided from a purposely-fitted out modern, new factory premises, utilizing the latest technology automated blasting and peening equipment.

All equipment is flexible in design, permitting quick and easy set up for a large variety of applications. Blast and Peen Services Pte Ltd can process individual items through to production runs of many millions of parts.

Your production requirements can sometimes exceed production capabilities. Blast and Peen Services Pte Ltd fills the production gap by offering abrasive blasting or shot peening services, thus negating the necessity to invest in equipment that would be redundant during normal operations. Blast and Peen Services Pte Ltd assist in reducing production bottlenecks and delays during peak production requirements, production spikes, and irregular production needs.

Utilizing Blast and Peen Services Pte Ltd to rework components can lead to significant cost savings without tying up expensive production plant and equipment.

Often parts that would ordinarily be scrapped, due to poor coating or surface preparation, can be reworked to a pre coating state.


Singapore Powder Coating

Powder Coating
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