Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting is commonly used for paint and coating removal, rust removal and general cleaning of parts prior to recoating.

There is no better way to return a component to its original condition than to clean it back to its base metal and recoat. And no other cleaning method is as effective as abrasive blasting. This cleaning method will remove virtually all coating and corrosion and provide the perfect surface for recoating.

This is not sand blasting. This is precision abrasive blasting. We have a wide range of different abrasive media to suit different blasting requirements e.g. steel and aluminium oxide grits for general corrosion and rust removal, glass beads for aluminium and soft metal cleaning, and plastic beads for paint removal from soft substrates.

Blast and Peen Services Pte Ltd have equipment and media suitable for cleaning both ferrous and non ferrous items. Depending on the throughput requirements, parts are processed either manually or in automated equipment.

After abrasive blasting all parts are shrink wrapped to avoid staining by handling.