Vapor Blasting

Just 3 simple ingredients; air, water and abrasive. Mix them together in our B Vapor blasting machine and the result is the highest quality cleaned, decontaminated and finished surface.

Traditional bead and abrasive blasting will clean and improve the surface finish of most parts. But the finish will be rough and susceptible to staining.

Vapour blasting uses an extra ingredient, water. The water creates a lubricating barrier to cushion the blasting force of the abrasive particles on the surface. This produces a much smoother and softer effect, resulting in no damage to the substrate.

With the correct abrasive and blasting parameters selection the process can be used to remove contaminants, paint, and corrosion. Carbon deposits, grime and oil build up are blasted and washed away with ease. If surface finishing is required, several options are available, a matt etched finish prepared for paint, a smooth polished finish or a silky satin high quality finish is achievable.

This is the incredible effect of Premium Vapor Blasting. The surface finish achieved with this cannot be matched by any other process.

If you want your parts cleaned or finished to the highest possible quality – bring them to us, we have the process to do it.