Surface Preparation & Rust Removal

Commonly surfaces are blasted and prepared prior to receiving a coating e.g. wet paint, powder coating, plasma metal spray, anodizing, electro plating etc.

The correct degree of surface preparation is critical to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the coating.

Abrasive blasting the surface prior to application of the coating will provide an adequate key and correct degree of cleanliness for the coating to adhere to.

This can also provide an aesthetically pleasing finish that is visible after the coating is applied ie blasted and anodized aluminium components.

Utilising a wide variety of blasting media and equipment, Blast and Peen Services Pte Ltd are able to prepare a variety of surfaces to meet the specified requirement.

Rust and corrosion can occur on a variety of metals, not just steel. Aluminium, stainless steel and other metals are also susceptible to corrosion. Whatever the material is, Blast and Peen Services has the correct media and process available to remove the rust and corrosion without imparting any detrimental foreign particles onto the surface.

Steel items can be blasted to fully remove any rust and corrosion, and provide a suitably etched surface for recoating. Variously sized blasting media is used to provide the required surface finish etch depth and roughness.